Imagine having one-of-a-kind door, designed specially for you, unique to your project or business alone? Lar-Polonia makes it easy for you to make statement with that door or windows, our design team is available to work with you to tranform that idea into a lifelong masterpieces.
Your Custom door can be a straight modification of any of our existing collections or a completely new and unique design, Lar-Polonia has the resources to bring your ideas to life irrespective of its complexity. Virtually any design you can imagine, Lar-Polonia can build just for you:

  • Extra-tall to extra-wide sizes
  • Unique shapes
  • Curved or angled frames
  • Intricate grille designs
  • Stained or beveled glass

        How to Order

  1. Browse through our collections online and make a selection
  2. Communication your choice and the required modifications or upload a new designed if non meet your need.
  3. Have the Door built and delivered to you as agreed.

All custom doors have the sames elegance and finishing touches required to stand them out, if your are not sure of exactly what you want, our designers are ready to translate your thoughts into elegance,

Contact us on or (+234) 01-291-9782, 803-487-8750, 816-903-2676 to discuss your requirements or send us the sketches of your dream door.