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  • Security Door

    Our security wooden steel doors are made from high quality materials comprising two galvanised reinforced steel casing of 1.50mm thickness on its longitudinal bars. Laced with tropical wood grain vinyl layer of 18mm thickness of various wood colours (e.g. Oak, Ash, walnut, wenge and Teak).

    The gaps between the casing and cross bars are filled with thermal and accoustic isolated material.  The doors are also is equipped wih antiburglary multiple mortise lock and hinges for perfect security

  • Wooden Interior Doors

    Our interior Doors are made with eco-friendly natural hardwood, chemically treated and controlled to ensure durability.

    The high density fibre boards used reduce the tendency of the wood to split when nailed at the edges, expansion or contrast hence leaving the panel constant across all sheet direction.
    The engineering of the doors prevent them from shrinking, splitting, expanding or insect attack irrespective of the wether condition or usage environment.

    The doors accessories (locks & hinges) are made from rust-proof stainless steel materials with longer lasting lifespan without discoloration over time

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